Northern Michigan Chinese Restaurant

Price: $35,000

Location: Charlevoix

Industry: Chinese Restaurants

Listing ID: NO1

Listing Status: New


This opportunity is a successful American Chinese restaurant located in the beautiful county of Charlevoix, Michigan. The location has bounced back from the pandemic with force as they have achieved rising sales each month since 2020. Offering high quality American Chinese food in an inviting environment, the care of the owners is evident in the business’s ability to beat out competitors and acquire a large base of consistent local customers.
The achievement of the business to maintain sales throughout covid and surpass pre-covid revenue levels demonstrates the quality and adaptability of the business. Additionally, the business’ ability to beat out all similar restaurants in the area and remain the sole Chinese restaurant attests to the viability and popularity of the business.
Over the past three years, the company has shifted from a casual dine-in spot to just a take-out business due to Covid. New management could reopen dine-in and the ever-popular buffet. The restaurant has high potential for growth through the introduction of marketing, new menu items, and the reintroduction of dine-in options.
Opportunities for Growth
(1) Re-introduce In-person Dining: Since the beginning of the pandemic, the business has operated through take-out only. By reintroducing the buffet and dine-in options the business has great potential for growth.
(2) Additional Marketing: Currently, the business doesn’t utilize any form of online marketing or advertising. A new owner could boost social media presence and introduce ad campaigns to grow the business
(3) Introduce Delivery Services: The business could expand its staff in order to introduce a delivery service. As delivery services become more popular with time, this would be a great way to drive in more business in the local area.
Investment Highlights
(1) Sole Chinese Restaurant in the Area: As a local staple, the business has beat out two other Chinese restaurants and remains the only Chinese restaurant in the area.
(2) Excellent Menu: The business offers an “all you can eat” buffet, the most popular option among customers. Additionally, the business provides an extensive menu of quality and authentic food.
(3) Established Customer Base: Since its establishment twenty years ago, the business has acquired many local customers. The Company’s loyal customer based provides the restaurant with consistent business year-round. The business prides itself on being an excellent restaurant in the community that provides friendly service and great food.


Total Sales: $250,000

Cash Flow: $46,000

FFE: $25,000

Inventory: $5,000

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Doug Yntema