Niche Brewery And Taproom

Price: $350,000

Location: West Michigan

Industry: Breweries

Listing ID: Sec

Listing Status:


his niche brewery and taproom creates an exceptional customer experience with something for everyone, including beer, wine, and seltzers. Using an approach to brewing that is inspired by nature, this Company creates a diverse range of delicious and exciting beverages.

The Company is located in a highly trafficked area that brings in both locals and tourists alike. The space offers an open and communal feel and features both a family-friendly taproom and patio. Customers are welcome to enjoy a beverage at the bar or purchase from the stock of bottled and canned beverages.

This brewery and beverage manufacturer is both nationally and internationally recognized and distributes its beverages across the United States and abroad.

Opportunities for Growth
(1) Food Expansion: Expanding into food would be a great way to further the business’ reach. There is space in the business’ current location to add a small kitchen. A simple, limited menu of appetizers and snacks would be a great starting point.

(2) Grow the Wine Brand: The current owners have noticed there is an ever-growing demand for natural wine within the community. Continuing to grow and expand the Company’s wine brand would be an advantageous way to increase profits.

(3) Increase Distribution Footprint: Nearly all the Company’s distribution partners desire a larger inventory of beer than what is currently being produced by the Company. Increasing the distribution and production of beverages would be an excellent way to further boost revenue.

Investment Highlights
(1) Highly Rated Products with International Recognition: The Company has gained both national and international recognition over the years. In 2018, the Company won a silver medal in the World Beer Cup. The Company also exports its beer to the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Australia thanks to its recognition.

(2) Strong Community Ties: The Company’s distinctive branding attracts a loyal customer base. Much of its community is comprised of local artists, musicians, and other creatives. Between the Company’s loyal customer base and the near constant influx of beer tourists, the Company maintains steady profits.

(3) Wide Range of Beverages: The wide range of beverage include beer, wine, seltzers, smoothies, and freezes. With so much diversity to choose from, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.


Total Sales: $1,000,000

Cash Flow: $115,000

FFE: $25,000

Inventory: $75,000

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Doug Yntema